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No PC and Userful™ have created a tailor-made package to suit the needs of new and existing call centers. From as little as R2599.00 per station, including license, Client desktop and server.more

*   Screens @ R599 excl. VAT are 17" Refurbished screens with a 6-month warranty.
*   New screens can be supplied at an additional cost of R1099 excl. VAT per set.
*   Keyboards and mice can be supplied at an additional cost of R145 excl. VAT per set.
*   Minimum of 10 stations.

*  10 station Deal Price: R2999 excl. VAT, excluding screen, keyboard and mouse.
*  20 station Deal Price: R2599 excl. VAT, excluding screen, keyboard and mouse.

Microsoft Windows Desktops can be purchased in addition to the Linux operating system already included.
We offer rental options for Microsoft Windows Desktops


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in the offices


Office environments can sometimes have complex environments, No matter the task or application, No PC and Userful™ has the ability to offer you the best of both worlds, with themore

cost savings element of Linux and the portability of Microsoft™. Pastel, Office, Outlook - you name it and we've got you covered!


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school libraries


Learning in classrooms around the world has moved beyond books into a limitless wealth of online access to content and tools that empower students and teachers to connect to resources and communicate with subject matter experts, no matter where they are located. Underlying connected learning is a reliable computing infrastructure that meets the most demanding more

...multi-media performance needs of any learner, but is a sustainable solution to implement, scale and maintain.

Centralized computing platforms that power teaching and learning are the next generation of computing. Any standard computer today has more than enough computing power for searching for content online, creating projects or new multimedia content, communicating using video or text email, blogs and social media, and consuming content like streaming videos, or through productivity and learning apps. With a traditional computing model of one computer for each student, a large portion of computing power sits idle. A new centralized client model for computing enables educators to provide high performance computing with increased flexibility across multiple operating systems to more classrooms, teachers and students, with the same or reduced budget.


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computer labs


The traditional one PC per seat solution creates high costs in hardware, software, electricity use, and maintenance for most libraries. Building a custom public computing solution by integrating features to lock down the computers and add other features likemore

time and print management with Userful Desktop virtualization.

With Userful Desktop, the solution is fully integrated from a single vendor and powers up to twenty high-powered desktops through one, central computer. This eliminates the upfront costs of purchasing multiple PCs and software licenses, and drastically reduces the ongoing costs of maintenance and electricity use. Plus management is simplified through a single web app and all updates are completed by Userful through the cloud so you can get back to managing your library, not your computers.


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Userful™ Desktop was named product of the year from the Library Resource Group's Modern Library Awards 2015. The honour was voted on by over 80000 librarians who voted Userful™ Desktop as the most flexible, secure and simplestmore

public computing solution on the market.

Libraries play a vital role in communities through providing reliable public access to technology, opening a world of knowledge and opportunities to patrons. Userful Desktop virtualization solution allows your library to easily deploy more public access computers with less hardware, less maintenance, less money, and greater control over the desktop experience.

All patrons can take advantage of the variety of customizable applications. Your library can configure individual desktops with free, open source software or with Microsoft Office suite to cater to everyone's needs. There are options for fun and educational children's games and large print for visually impaired patrons, or job-seeking stations with office applications, links to job banks, and more. The solution comes with time and print management features, enabling patrons to pre-book stations and have timed sessions.

Eliminate the high cost and complexity of the traditional PC solution by powering up to twenty public access desktops through one, central PC. Patrons will enjoy the wide variety of applications for any age or ability, the security of locked-down desktops, plus time and print management. Staff will also save valuable time by monitoring and managing all desktops through a single web app and letting Userful take care of all the updates through the cloud.


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 Many community members rely on internet cafes to send email, learn a new skill, or even watch some of life's most special moments unfold in front of their eyes through video and multimedia applications. Members of the military can be halfway across the globe, not able to easily connect with their family except by relying on internet centers. Userful Desktop virtualization solution allows communities to easily connect people online without having to buy more

multiple PCs and hire IT staff to set up and manage them. The Userful public computing platform provides a cost-effective, high-performance, and reliable computing solution for any organization to keep staff and community members connected to communication and learning. The solution is locked-down and secure to meet even the most demanding security checks, including government and military sectors.


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