No PC electricity reduction


No PC devices consume as little as 10 Watts per station on average and a normal 1KVA capacity UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can sustain 10 devices for a period of 2 hours. Guarantee your up-time when the lights go out.

This also means that this station is ideal for "green field" scenarios where there is little or no electricity supply. By means of a small 100 Watt solar panel (including battery), this desktop replacement solution can be powered indefinitely.

No PC Maintenance


No PC devices are noiseless and completely solid-state(no moving parts, ie: fans, HDD's), eliminating most of the maintenance associated with friction-based hardware found in most PC's today.

Over and above that, all No PC network servers (up to 20 desktops per server) can be stringed together (daisy chained) over local area networks as well as Remote networks, allowing one the ability to connect from anywhere in the world.

No PC & Userfulâ„¢'s approach to network administration is one of simple and easy platform management, allowing full control over multiple servers and desktops at the same time. This simplistic maintenance and management approach drastically reduces deployment times.



Reduced licensing for virtual desktops as well as Cloud desktops by as much as 66% in comparison to Microsoft licensing